Sunday, 26 December 2010

Solar Panels - A way to reduce our impact

Our sun has been around for a very long time and up until recently we have been unable to harness it's power in an efficient way to generate electricity and heat our homes. The last few years have seen a dramatic shift with governments all around the world offering incentives to ordinary home owners to set up their own solar energy generating systems.

For many based in the UK there hasn't been a better time to take advantage of the governments Feed in tariff systems (FITS). Currently it's returning 7% return on investment which is pegged over the next 25 years. For more information about The Cost of Solar Panels and to speak to UK suppliers about this great Energy Saving Scheme check out


  1. I definitely agree on your article. Other countries should follow UK's lead with adapting FIT incentives to encourage solar energy growth.

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  2. People should take advantage of natural resources like the sun. This is why people should use solar energy, thanks.
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  3. There is no problem in using solar energy. Anyone can use it. However, not anyone can afford solar panels and solar panel installation. It is an expensive equipment. You also need to remodel the wiring inside the house to ensure that the energy will come from the solar energy panel. Furthermore, you may also need to conduct electric removal, disconnection and reconnection.

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