Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A healthy breakfast

As many people know, get breakfast right and you'll have the energy and drive to get you through the whole day! We've recently discovered the benefits of Granola, a kind of tastier toasted muesli. It contains plently of energy but unlike many other cereals it releases it slowly throughout the day. Check out Lizi's Granola for a great ready made brand or if you fancy making your own Delicious Magazines "How to make granola" article is a must.

Feeling fuller for longer helps you resist the urge to tuck into the kind of snacks that are not only un-ethical in their production but downright bad for you! Try it for yourself and see if it makes sticking to you healthier lifestyle just that bit easier throughout the day.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Solar Panels - A way to reduce our impact

Our sun has been around for a very long time and up until recently we have been unable to harness it's power in an efficient way to generate electricity and heat our homes. The last few years have seen a dramatic shift with governments all around the world offering incentives to ordinary home owners to set up their own solar energy generating systems.

For many based in the UK there hasn't been a better time to take advantage of the governments Feed in tariff systems (FITS). Currently it's returning 7% return on investment which is pegged over the next 25 years. For more information about The Cost of Solar Panels and to speak to UK suppliers about this great Energy Saving Scheme check out

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tips on reducing our impact on the environment

Collectively our lifestyles have a big impact on the environment in which we live. Making small changes to what we eat, what we buy and how we get around can make a big difference to our carbon footprint and environmental impact. Today we're going to look at some of the ways you can make your lifestyle greener.

Recycling: In many developed countries facilities to recycle glass, cardboard and plastic are widely available. Many homes now have a box in which they can place their recycling apart from their usual household waste and have it collected with the other refuse. It's easier then ever now to recycle your waste. The US currently recycles around 28% of its waste. Austria is out in front with 60% of their waste being recycled. It's clear there are improvements which can be made here if all of us take a little extra time and do our bit.

Transport: We're all guilty of using the car in situtations where we could have walked or taken a bike. Vehicles are one of the largest emitters of C02 and we should try to limit our use of them wherever possible! Not only does it save you money in petrol/gas it keeps you fit and active too!

Efficient Appliances: When buying new appliances for the household such as a fridge, cooker, microwave or T.V be sure to check out it's energy efficiency rating. The more efficient the appliance is rated the more money it's going to save you and the greener it's going to be in the long run. A more efficient appliance may end up costing a little more to buy initially however the savings you make on your energy bills should more than make up for that over the life of the product.

Diet: A diet rich in Meat and Dairy produce has a big impact on the environment. Like for like, producing meat and dairy for human consumption releases far more greenhouse gases than producing the equivalent nutrition through plants. For many this can also yield positive health benefits with most vegan and vegetarian diets being much lower in saturated fats.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Best Eco Products & News

This website will now be dedicated to vegetarianism, green and environmentally conscious living.

If you are looking for the East Bay Animal Advocates website I think this is where they have moved to.



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